College of American Pathologists

  CDC Advisory on Swine Flu


Posted September 16, 2009

Inspection checklist question TRM.43600 has been modified to clarify its intent. The ISBT 128 labeling system is recommended, and laboratories that do not use ISBT 128 routinely should have a plan to transition to this system.

However, since in emergencies any laboratory could receive ISBT 128-labelec components, all accredited laboratories must have procedures that allow the receipt and management of ISBT 128-labeled components, even if the laboratory does not routinely use ISBT 128.

As a service to CAP Accredited laboratories, the CAP offers compliance alerts to help your laboratory maintain continuous compliance. Thank you for your commitment to patient safety. As laboratory professionals, we have a responsibility to ensure quality, education and safety because every patient deserves the GOLD STANDARD.

Review the revised checklist question TRM.43600 now.