College of American Pathologists

  Benefits of
  CAP Accreditation


Updated November 17, 2005

Look what you gain from CAP accreditation:

Comprehensive Evaluations
All test results need to be accurate-every time-no matter where they are performed. The CAP accommodates all different types of labs so that you can maintain a consistently high level of service across your entire organization

Expert Inspection Teams
The CAP Laboratory Accreditation Program is the only one of its kind that utilizes multi-disciplinary teams of practicing lab professionals as inspectors. Because they deal with lab issues on a daily basis, these inspectors are uniquely qualified to provide you with a thorough inspection that is specific for each section of the lab.

Compliance with Regulations
The CAP Laboratory Accreditation Program helps you meet and exceed requirements of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) as well as those of other national and state regulatory bodies.

Unparalleled Educational Opportunities
Lab professionals are involved on both sides of the inspection process, so there is always a healthy exchange of ideas and discussion of the latest lab techniques that goes beyond regulatory requirements. There is something valuable to take away from every inspection.

Useful Inspection Tools
The inspection Checklists constantly evolve to reflect current practices and technologies and therefore serve as living documents on good laboratory practice. Adhering to the Checklists provides assurance that your lab is doing all it can to produce the highest quality test results.

Recognition as a Top Performer
Over 83% of the top major teaching and large community hospitals* choose the CAP as their accrediting agency. By achieving the highest standards in the industry you not only gain the confidence and trust of your community but also distinguish yourself as a leader who is committed to quality patient care.

*100 top hospitals: how hospitals measure up. Modern Healthcare; May 24, 2004; pgs. 27-29.

Our hospital administrators know the value of the CAP Laboratory Accreditation Program and use it to their advantage both in business negotiations and in differentiating our organizations from its competitors. CAP accreditation is highly regarded by third-party payers and is in many instances required as part of contract negotiations.

Marion Rundell, MD, FCAP
Laboratory Director
Clear Lake Regional Medical Center, Webster, Texas