College of American Pathologists
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Committee Members Share Thoughts on Surveys Program

More than 60 years ago, the College of American Pathologists (CAP) developed the first continuing external proficiency testing Survey. When we introduced Surveys in 1949, our goal was the same as it is today—education, evaluation and certification.

Scientific committee members share their thoughts about how CAP Surveys can be used to increase confidence in your laboratory’s results and keep your staff up-to-date.

Council on Scientific Affairs

R. Bruce Williams, MD, FCAP“It’s no secret why the CAP is the best provider. The CAP distinguishes itself in the proficiency testing market because of the more than 500 leading medical and scientific experts across 25 CAP scientific resource committees who actively participate in the development, launch, and evaluation of all CAP Surveys.”


Gail H. Vance, MD, FCAP“Pathologist learning is facilitated by a personal motivation coupled to curricula formulated with expert medical knowledge. Working together, the CAP Council on Education and CAP scientific resource committees create learning opportunities to promote the acquisition of knowledge and skills to continuously improve the practice of pathology and healthcare delivery.”


Alan Remaley, MD, PhD, FCAP“Proficiency testing (PT) is a critical practice to insure the quality of clinical laboratory results. The CAP, which provides education supplements and materials with values near critical decision thresholds, provides additional value with its PT.”


Charles S. Eby, MD, FCAPThe members of the Coagulation Resource Committee are all hemostasis experts as well as laboratory directors with plenty of practical experience. We use our knowledge and experience to develop high-quality proficiency testing materials and to provide informative discussions of Survey results. We also help develop new proficiency testing products in response to innovations in diagnostic and therapeutic hemostasis practice, in order to meet the needs of our participants.


Tracy I. George, MD, FCAP“Our committee of experts in laboratory hematology is focused on providing the highest quality of educational activities with the CAP Surveys using the latest tools in technology, such as DigitalScope.”


A. Bradley Eisenbrey, MD, PhD, FCAP“Senior physicians and scientists from the clinical transplantation and forensic identity testing communities design, review, and refine the College’s histocompatibility and identity testing Surveys to evaluate, challenge and educate the participating laboratories and analysts. Surveys participants are assured that they will be assessed against the evolving state of the art for both testing and reporting. These Surveys meet or exceed the accrediting agencies’ requirements for histocompatibility testing and forensic laboratory analysts.”


Michael J. Mitchell, MD, FCAP“All of the Microbiology Surveys are developed and overseen by members of the Microbiology Resource Committee, all of whom are directors of clinical microbiology labs themselves. We understand the impact of quality on patient care and strive to provide you the tools that will help you perform the best testing possible.”