College of American Pathologists
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  New pricing structure


October 2001
Originally published in CAP TODAY

As of September, the College of American Pathologists began using a new pricing structure for the Laboratory Accreditation Program. This pricing structure is based on the complexity of testing conducted in the laboratory using weighted disciplines as a foundation. The new method has these advantages over the current method:

  • The new pricing structure more accurately reflects the effort required to inspect and accredit your laboratory.
  • The new pricing structure is flexible and can accommodate changes in laboratory structure and technology.

Approximately two months before invoices are mailed, each laboratory will receive a letter detailing the disciplines and subdisciplines performed by that laboratory as well as the annual fee calculated using the new pricing structure. A more in-depth explanation of this new structure will also be included.

For more information, contact the customer service department at 800-323-4040, option 1.