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  e–LAB Solutions


Updated September 8, 2011

e–LAB Solutions

Our online laboratory management tool, e-LAB Solutions, makes proficiency testing (PT) reporting an efficient and cost-effective process—and it is available to all CAP customers. More than 10,000 laboratories already use e-LAB Solutions to:

  • Improve accuracy with pre-populated online e-forms that reduce data submission errors.
  • Monitor performance with management reports tailored to meet individual needs.
  • Increase productivity by submitting data online and view results 10 days sooner than submitting by mail.
  • Find answers to PT performance problems and learn how to spot potential problems with the PT Troubleshooting Guide.
  • Receive important email notifications regarding proficiency testing events.
  • Access My PT Shipping Calendar—a customized schedule for your laboratory.
  • View CMS Analyte Reporting Selections and real-time Analyte Scorecard.

Delegated Administration
Security, rights, and privileges are maintained online by the laboratory itself via a self-assigned site administrator, usually the lab director or designee. To enable access, each laboratory must be “Opted In” and each user must register for an individual account. A registered user can request access to one or more laboratories, which is granted or denied by the respective site administrator.

Accessing Your Laboratory Data Via e-LAB Solutions is Easy

  1. Go to the e-Lab Solutions web page.
  2. If you do not already have an account, you will need to create an account by clicking Create an Account on the left tool bar. * Please allow up to 24 hours to validate and create your new account.
  3. Log in by entering your User ID and Password. Then, go to the click on Proficiency Testing/Quality Management on the left tool bar.
  4. Your laboratory site administrator can Opt In your laboratory. In e-LAB Solutions, from the “Opt In” screen, they will need to enter their CAP number (Laboratory ID) and PIN. After doing this, your laboratory is now opted in to access advanced features online. (If you need a new PIN to opt in your laboratory, contact the CAP Customer Contact Center at 800-323-4040 or 847-832-7000 option 1.)
  5. Request access. In order to access Web-based features specific to a laboratory, a laboratory employee must first request access to the laboratory’s data. To do this, log in to the CAP website and under e-LAB Solutions, click on Proficiency Testing, then click on Request Access to Laboratory Data. Enter your laboratory’s CAP number and your request will be sent to your laboratory’s site administrator. The site administrator for the laboratory will assign security privileges and your request to access laboratory data will be granted or denied.

Result Form Data Entry (RFDE)

  • Check for receipt of result forms that have been returned via mail or fax.
  • Enter results for each kit directly online eliminating the potential for scanning and fax transmission errors.
  • Receive a reminder if data has not been received within 5 or 10 days of the due date.
  • Complete customized queries of historical information available for the current and previous two program years.
  • View a list of kits displayed in the order of their due date (from earliest to latest).

Evaluations & Reports
You can access evaluations online immediately upon CAP release, eliminating the wait time associated with mail delivery. As with RFDE, you are presented with the most relevant information automatically. Additional features include:

  • The ability to view and download participant summary, final critiques, and other reports.
  • An option to review an evaluation by analyte (interactive evaluation).
  • A direct link to result form details.
  • An email alert which is sent to the site administrator when an evaluation is posted online.

Analyte Scorecard
This tool allows a laboratory to query its scorecard data for the last six events. It is only available for individual laboratories and not multi-laboratory systems. Options include:

  • A review of all analytes or just those regulated by and reported to CMS.
  • Filtering to limit the view to satisfactory or unsatisfactory results.
  • A table of contents with a direct link to each evaluation referenced in the report.
  • Data that can be downloaded to an Excel spreadsheet for sorting and analysis.

PT Exception/Summary Report (PTER/PTSR) for Multi-Laboratory Systems
These reports provide similar information and features to the Analyte Scorecard but are designed specifically for multi-laboratory systems. Only these systems will be able to view these reports. Scorecard data is consolidated across all the laboratories in the system and viewable across an entire program year (or more selectively for the last 10, 20, 30, or 60 days). The reports are always current and provide real-time data.

  • PTER – includes only those scorecard rows that have performance below the CAP Laboratory Accreditation Program’s acceptable percentage.
  • PTSR – includes all scorecard rows.

Features for Laboratory Accreditation Program Participants

  • Electronically submit an application/reapplication to the CAP Laboratory Accreditation Program
  • Access the accreditation inspection checklists (including CAP Current, Onsite, and Self-Inspection)
  • View your laboratory’s unique Test/Activity Menu:
    • Learn whether proficiency testing or an alternative assessment is required for a particular analyte by accessing the Activity Menu with PT options
    • Learn if any proficiency tests are missing for your laboratory
  • Access the CAP Certification Mark to display your labortory’s accreditation status to the public