College of American Pathologists

  Features of a
  CAP System Inspection


A CAP System Inspection includes:

  1. Common inspection dates for all sites
  2. Use of the same version of checklists for all sites
  3. Integration criteria to ensure inspection is conducted by a similar system
  4. A pre-inspection visit by a CAP inspection specialist to gather information and help the team leader build a team that is appropriate in size and scope
  5. A CAP inspection specialist on-site during the inspection to facilitate communication and ensure a consistent process
  6. A single inspection team and inspection of like disciplines by a single inspector, when feasible
  7. A post-inspection global summation conference and a final report to provide system-level feedback
  8. A CAP system inspection certificate to signify your successful participation
  9. Free enrollment in CAP LINKS (PDF, 287 K)

Make CAP System Inspections a part of your integration strategy!


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