College of American Pathologists

  Getting Started


Updated February 17, 2011

If you meet appropriate integration criteria, simply complete a short application specific to system inspections. Once the application is received, CAP staff may contact you for additional information or to help you establish common inspection dates.

Note that in order to ensure a quality system inspection, a separate fee will be assessed for all system groups. Contact CAP for pricing information.

Establishing common inspection dates: If your laboratories do not have common inspection dates, CAP staff will contact you to help you work out a synchronization plan.

  • The process of getting all labs synchronized with a common inspection date may occur over time or may be accomplished at one time
  • Laboratories need to be inspected within two years of their last inspection. Some laboratories may need to be inspected twice during the two year cycle in order to synchronize with the common inspection date

Application documents

To include laboratories that are not currently accredited by the CAP, complete a general application request form to receive a full laboratory accreditation application (PDF, 80 K).

For questions, call 800-323-4040 option 1 or e-mail