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  Team Leader Training Options


Updated July 3, 2013

Beginning with inspections assigned July 1, 2006 and later, all inspection Team Leaders must complete Team Leader training. Because of this requirement, we’ve given you training choices that fit into your busy schedule. Each of the three options covers the same concepts and strategies, and each offers Category 1 CME credit for participation. Just choose one of the following:

Option One: Comprehensive Online Team Leader Self-Study
You can choose to complete the CAP Team Leader training entirely online, through our Comprehensive Online Team Leader Self-Study. This option allows you to learn completely through the Internet, at your convenience. Because it’s online, the training is available to you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can even take a break part-way through the course and begin again later, right where you left off. This option will be available June 1, 2006.

Option Two: Live Inspector Training Seminar
The Inspector Training Seminar lets you learn through a one-day, intensive, live program. This allows you to meet and work with other Team Leaders and Team Members, and gives you the benefit of interacting with regional and state CAP commissioners in a classroom setting.

Option Three: Live Team Leader Workshop
You can also choose to attend a three and a half-hour live Team Leader Workshop. To fulfill the LAP team leader training requirements, there is a pre-read assignment.

You will be considered trained for a two-year period from the date you complete your training. View all team leader training options.


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