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Updated October 13, 2008

Participants who wish to use a spreadsheet for analyzing their test volume may want to examine the sample generic spreadsheet. It can be downloaded or replicated by doing the following simple steps:

  1. Enter the column headers for columns A - O in row 1.
  2. Fill in the CPT codes, in column A and the procedure names in column B.
  3. The mathematical expressions used to calculate the desired information are shown at the bottom of the spreadsheet. Using the format required by your spreadsheet, enter the formulas in the appropriate column (columns J - O). Once the formula has been entered in the first row, it can be copied to other rows in the column. In addition, the “LMIP Multiplier” should be entered in column I.

    For example, column J lists total SBT’s. That value can be calculated by adding inpatient, outpatient, and non-patient on-site volumes (columns C, D, and E), multiplying the sum by the “LMIP Multiplier” (column I) adding the sum of the referred test procedures (columns F, G, and H), multiplied by the LMIP Multiplier and then add the sum of columns F, G, and H to take into account the additional SBT accrued for the test referral.

    Once the permanent parts of the spreadsheet are entered, save the spreadsheet as a template for future use.

  4. To examine data, open the spreadsheet template. Enter the data in columns C - H. The calculated numbers will appear in columns J - O. Note that these columns are also labeled as numbers 1 - 6 to correspond to the LMIP Data Input Form.
  5. Save (“Save As”) the completed spreadsheet under a different name from that used for the template (e.g., The template will then be available for reuse at the next report period.

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