College of American Pathologists

  Experts for Journalists


As the leading organization for board-certified pathologists, the College of American Pathologists (CAP) makes experts available to accredited journalists to provide commentary and perspective on a variety of pathology and laboratory topics.

Contact CAP Communications to arrange an interview. The CAP Communications staff also is available to field queries about CAP programs and services.

Areas of Expertise

CAP members can speak to the latest trends in pathology and laboratory medicine emerging in today’s value-based health care environment.

Some of the latest topics are:

Sometimes called the “doctor’s doctor,” pathologists are physicians who use laboratory medicine and technology to identify and diagnose disease. Pathologists are relied on by every medical specialist to provide a range of services, from prenatal testing to cancer screening, to guide the clinical team on how to treat their patients.

The right test at the right time can make all the difference in diagnosis, treatment, and recovery. In fact, pathology and laboratory results comprise as much as 70% of the information in a patient’s health record. View the CAP’s video—Meet Health Care’s Secret Weapons: Pathologists—to learn more about the pathologist’s role in patient care.


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