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  CAP Ads in American Way Spotlight Pathologists


Updated October 6, 2009




As part of the College’s campaign launched in 2007, to highlight the role of the pathologist in patient care, the CAP has created five ads to highlight pathologists’ life-saving contributions to patient care. The newest ad profiles Ruth Chermok, a breast cancer survivor, and is currently featured in the October 1-14 issue of American Airlines in-flight magazine, American Way. The other ads feature skin cancer survivor, Mary Linda Rodgers, lung cancer survivor, Anne Marie Krackow, prostate cancer survivor David Rice Jr., cervical cancer survivor Nora Bowers, and colon cancer survivor Jay Mansbach.All of the College’s American Way ads promote pathologists and their life-saving contributions to patient care, as well as feature the College’s websites, and


Ruth Chermok “At age 46, my husband and high school sweetheart were enjoying life as empty-nesters! We had just taken one daughter to law school and another to college. We were on-top-of-the world. Soon after, however, I noticed a change in my breast, which turned out to be cancerous. On Friday, October 13—not a great day, my pathologist became a central figure in my patient care team. Thanks for my pathologist’s accurate diagnosis of my breast cancer, I was able to see my daughter graduate from law school and am enjoying life with my family and friends!” — Ruth Chermok, wife, mother
(Full Testimonial - PDF, 25 KB)
Annamarie Krackow, PhD, RN “In 2000, a case of bronchitis prompted me to visit my doctor. Thanks to my pathologist’s quick and accurate diagnosis of lung cancer, I had surgery and was successfully treated. Nine years later, I am healthy and work with cancer patients and their families as a patient resources navigator. Through early detection, I am here today to help others.” — Annamarie Krackow, PhD, RN, American Cancer Society Patient Resource Navigator, nurse, and lung cancer survivor
(Full Testimonial - PDF, 15 KB)
David Rice Jr. “After a routine check-up in 2004, I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Thanks to my pathologist’s quick and accurate diagnosis, I was able to begin treatment immediately. I strongly encourage all men, particularly minority men, to be screened for this disease. Early detection saved my life. It could save yours too.” — David O. Rice Jr. retired fire lieutenant, registered nurse, husband, father, and prostate cancer survivor
(Full Testimonial - PDF, 16 KB)
Nora Bowers “At age 29, I was a devoted wife and stay-at-home mother of two young children. Like most women, I was focused on taking care of my family and was accustomed to putting my own needs last - including visiting a doctor. When a bout with hay fever prompted a doctor’s visit, I decided to also have a routine physical and received some devasting news. I was diagnosed with cervical cancer.” — Nora Bowers, wife, mother, teacher and cervical cancer survivor
(Full Testimonial - PDF, 12 KB)
Jay Mansbach “Being diagnosed with colon cancer was a bit of a surprise to me considering the fact that I thought I had kept up with the current information of the time. Fortunately, a pathologist put me in touch with the true experts in cancer studies; otherwise I would not be here today.” — Jay Mansbach, husband, father, businessman, and colon cancer survivor
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