College of American Pathologists

  Award Description and Past Recipients


Updated November 28, 2011

CAP Distinguished Service Award

This award was established in 1965 as the ASCP/CAP Distinguished Service Award. In 2006, the name of this award was changed to the CAP Distinguished Service Award. It is given to recognize outstanding contributions to the practice of pathology and to the College of American Pathologists. It is presented when merited, not necessarily annually.

Award RecipientYear
David S. Wilkinson, MD, PhD, FCAP2011
Mahul B. Amin, MD, FCAP2010
Steven I. Gutman, MD, FCAP 2009
James P. AuBuchon, MD2008
Eric F. Glassy, MD2006
John G. Batsakis, MD2002
William H. Hartmann, MD2001
Richard E. Horowitz, MD2000
Richard C. Froede, MD1999
William R. Dito, MD1998
John Bernard Henry, MD1997
George D. Lundberg, MD1996
Howard M. Rawnsley, MD1995
George C. Hoffman, MD1994
Herbert Derman, MD1993
Thomas F. Dutcher, MD1992
Murray R. Adell, MD1991
Pierre W. Keitges MD1990
Frank B. Walker, MD1989
F. William Sunderman, MD, PhD1988
Vernie A. Stembridge, MD1987
Dennis B. Dorsey MD1986
James D. Barger, MD1985
Robert W. Coon, MD1984
Jack M. Layton MD1983
William J. Reals, MD1982
Warren L. Bostick, MD1981
James J. Humes, MD1980
William A. Meissner, MD1979
Frank C. Coleman, MD1978
A. James French, MD1977
William D. Doland, MD1976
Thomas D. Kinney, MD1975
Richard E. Palmer, MD1974
Frank W. Hartman, MD1973
Arthur T. Hertig, MD1972
John L. Goforth, MD1971
James Earle Ash, MD1970
Lall G. Montgomery, MD1969
W.A.D. Anderson, MD1968
John R. Schenken, MD1967
Israel Davidson, MD1966
Harry P. Smith, MD1965