College of American Pathologists

  Award Description and Past Recipients


Updated November 28, 2011

CAP Lifetime Achievement Award

This award was established in 2006 to recognize and honor members of the College who have made a broad and positive impact on the pathology profession through contributions to one or more areas(s) of the College over an extended period of time, but who have not received a CAP award. It may be presented as often as appropriate and to more than one member in a particular year.

Award RecipientYear
David J. Blomberg, MD, FCAP2011
William J. Castellani, MD, FCAP2011
Diane D. Davey, MD, FCAP2011
Paul S. Fekete, MD, FCAP 2011
Gerald R. Hanson, MD, FCAP2011
Henry A. Homburger, MD, FCAP2011
Alvin M. Ring, MD, FCAP2011
Susan M. Strate, MD, FCAP2011
Ronald L. Weiss, MD, MBA, FCAP2011
Washington C. Winn, Jr., MD, FCAP2011
James Leo Connolly, MD, FCAP2010
Wayne W. Grody, MD, PhD, FCAP2010
John D. Milam, MD, FCAP2010
Richard A. Savage, MD, FCAP2010
Mary R. Schwartz, MD, FCAP2010
Margaret S. Skinner, MD, FCAP2010
David C. Wilbur, MD, FCAP2010
David L. Witte, MD, PhD, FCAP2010
Kathleen G. Beavis, MD, FCAP2009
John H. Eckfeldt, MD, PhD, FCAP2009
Seth L. Haber, MD, FCAP2009
Grover M. Hutchins, MD, FCAP2009
Dina R. Mody, MD, FCAP2009
Thomas L. Williams, MD, FCAP2009
Richard W. Brown, MD, FCAP2008
Edward P. Fody, MD, FCAP2008
Bruce A. Jones, MD, FCAP2008
Frederick L. Kiechle, MD, PhD, FCAP2008
Anthony A. Killeen, MD, PhD, FCAP2008
George G. Klee, MD, PhD, FCAP2008
Robert W. Novak, MD, FCAP2008
Richard M. Nunnally, MD, FCAP2008
James M. Small, MD, PhD, FCAP2008
John C.H. Steele Jr., MD, PhD, FCAP2008
Raymond R. Tubbs, DO, FCAP2008
P. Joanne Cornbleet, MD, PhD, FCAP2007
Franklin R. Elevitch, MD, FCAP2007
Chantal R. Harrison, MD, FCAP2007
Joan H. Howanitz, MD, FCAP2007
George W. Knabe, MD, FCAP2007
Thomas A. Merrick, MD, FCAP2007