College of American Pathologists

  Award Description and Past Recipients


Updated November 28, 2011

CAP Laboratory Improvement Program Service Award

This award was established in 2006 to recognize outstanding contributions and service to the CAP Laboratory Improvement Programs. It is presented to an individual serving within the ranks of the Council on Scientific Affairs (CSA) who has demonstrated exceptional service. Eligible recipients include CAP members, non-members, and staff. This award is considered yearly, and awarded at a maximum, annually.

Award RecipientYear
Joseph E. Parisi, MD, FCAP2011
Peter J. Howanitz, MD, FCAP2010
Alfred E. Hartmann, MD, FCAP2009
James D. MacLowry, MD, FCAP2008
Thomas D. Trainer, MD, FCAP2007
Herbert F. Polesky, MD, FCAP2006