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  NewsPath® Submission Process,
  Guidelines and Timeline


Updated January 28, 2010


The goal of these articles is to provide CAP Junior members with a tool to educate their clinical colleagues about what pathologists do for them and their patients. When writing your articles, remember that your audience is the clinician.


  • Select a topic.
  • Contact the NewsPath staff or editor for topic approval and scheduling before you begin writing.
  • A mentor from the NewsPath Editorial Board will contact you to discuss article formatting, length (300-500 words) and style.
    • The mentor will be available to you as resource throughout the writing and submission process.
    • The mentor will work with CAP staff to select a scientific advisor for your article. The scientific advisor will be the chair (or their designee) from the most appropriate CAP resource committee. Note: If you are currently a member of a CAP scientific committee, the committee chair or designee will review your article.
  • CAP Staff will contact you via e-mail (with a copy to your mentor) to let you know which scientific advisor will review your article.
    • The scientific advisor can serve as a resource for the content of your article if specific questions arise.
  • Research and complete your article.
  • Submit your article to your NewsPath Editorial Board mentor for review.
  • After any recommended editions from your mentor, submit to your scientific advisor for their review/approval. Note: Please copy your Editorial Board mentor when you send your article to your scientific advisor.
  • After approval from your scientific advisor, send the article to CAP staff for proofreading.
  • After any suggested edits from the proofreading process are made, send your revised NewsPath article to CAP staff.
    • The final draft will be send to the NewsPath editor for final approval.
  • Please note that CAP staff will follow-up with you and copy the NewsPath Editorial Board mentor throughout this process to ensure the article meets the NewsPath deadline.

Writing Tips

  • Articles should be roughly 300 - 500 words in length. All references should be included with the submission.
  • Topics should be newsworthy.
  • When writing your article, use the following structure:
    1. Background—Why this topic is important for clinicians?
    2. Current standard of care regarding the topic.
    3. Pathologist’s role in the diagnosis/prognosis of the topic.
    4. Short summary of the article’s main “take away” points.
  • Consider including a table or diagram to support your article. Several surveys have shown that these formats are highly useful among clinicians and provide valuable information at a glance.
  • Photos are also useful. If a picture is included, please remember to:
    • Include a caption for each photo.
    • Provide photos in the preferred .jpg format.


  • NewsPath articles are distributed with full permission granted for publication and re-use. No submission should be made that restricts its use.
  • Nothing should be submitted with prohibited or questionable rights for publication. Only royalty-free submissions are allowed.
  • The NewsPath editor will have the final approval for all publications.

Suggested Timeline

  • After topic has been selected and approved, begin writing your article. (Two weeks)
  • Article review—including review by NewsPath Editorial Board mentor and committee chair (Scientific Advisor). (Four to six weeks) Note: If you a new author, additional time may be needed for the committee review and any suggested rewrites from the Scientific Advisor.
  • CAP staff will route approved articles by mentors and the scientific advisors to a CAP staff proofreading mentor who may suggest edits. If the edits are extensive the mentor or CAP staff will contact the author to make changes. The revised article will be returned to CAP staff, who will forward it onto the NewsPath editor for final review. (Two weeks)
  • NewsPath editor reviews article and sends it to CAP staff for posting. (One week)
  • In 2010, all NewsPath articles will also be recorded as five-minute podcasts. (Four weeks after article is approved)

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