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  Cytology Reports




Published September 1, 2005

Cervical Cytology Reporting
This links to the American Society of Cytopathology’s (ASC) cervical cytology reporting guidelines.

Cervical Biopsy-Cytology Correlation (Q-Probes article) (PDF, 2.01 MB)
A report of a 1994-1995 Q-PROBES study published in Archives of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, June 1996.

Cytopathology Reporting Overview from Quality Management Manual (PDF, 162 K) This document, written by Theresa M. Voytek, MD; Dina R. Mody, MD; and Diane D. Davey, MD, is taken from Quality Management in Anatomic Pathology and addresses cytopathology and FNA reports.

Suggested Comment/Disclaimer

Ronald L. Sirota, MD, FCAP, suggests this language as a standard comment/disclaimer for gynecologic Pap smears:
“The Pap smear is a screening test that aids in the detection of cervical cancer and cancer precursors. Both false positive and false negative results can occur. The test should be used at regular intervals, and positive results should be confirmed before definitive therapy.”

Ronald L. Sirota, MD, FCAP, suggests this language as a standard comment/disclaimer for colposcopic biopsies:
“Previous pap smear reviewed.”
“Pap smear performed elsewhere, not reviewed.”
“Findings [do/do not] reflect changes seen in the previous pap smear (accession #).”

Sample Reports
Sample cytology reports coming soon


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