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  Standardized Pathology Fellowship Application


Updated June 11, 2013

The purpose of the College of American Pathologists Residents Forum’s Standardized Pathology Fellowship Application is to:

  • Streamline the fellowship application process.
  • Encourage ethical fellowship acceptance guidelines.
  • Build consensus on application deadlines.
  • Entrust oversight of the fellowship application process to the pathology chairs through the Association of Pathology Chairs.

The College of American Pathologists Residents Forum (CAP-RF), which convenes twice each year, is the largest formal gathering of Pathology trainees in North America. Representing every ACGME–accredited pathology residency training program, the CAP–RF provides a voice for pathology trainees within the College of American Pathologists and, more broadly, throughout organized pathology by its actions and communications.

During the last several meetings of the CAP–RF, delegates have increasingly focused on and expressed concern over the lack of standardization in the application process for pathology fellowships. Now, more than ever, residents are considering fellowship training as the market has increased its demand for subspecialty training. Prompted by several formal resolutions as well as the feedback gathered in small group discussions, the CAP Residents Forum Executive Committee (RFEC) in the spring of 2007 undertook the task of developing a Standardized Application for Pathology Fellowships. The application was developed by residents who have recently endured the application process and after considering numerous existing applications. The RFEC took the additional step of recommending a timeline for the pathology fellowship application process, acknowledging the hurdles that exist to uniform adoption of such a timeline in North America.

CAP residents in pathology today believe that this Standardized Pathology Fellowship Application will make the fellowship application process easier and more equitable for all parties.

Standardized Pathology Fellowship Application (PDF, 183 KB) | Word, 313 KB)

Pathology Fellowship Directors: Please let us know that you accept the Standardized Pathology Fellowship Application. We will post your program's name for your future fellows’ use.

Fellowships that Accept the Standardized Pathology Fellowship Application
(PDF, 43 KB)