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Posted April 30, 2007

(Please note that this is a draft of the minutes. The final version will be published to this page in the near future.)

March 24, 2007 – San Diego, California

  • The College of American Pathologists Residents Forum (RF) Chair Samuel K. Caughron, MD called the meeting to order on Saturday, March 24, 2007 at 10:52 am. Immediate Past Chair Teresa M. Cox, MD, FCAP gave a delegate orientation to the RF and called attention to the RF Roster and Charge. The September 9, 2006 meeting minutes were approved.
  • CAP President Thomas M. Sodeman, MD, FCAP gave an address to the RF emphasizing the fact that we are at a tipping point in our profession, whereby significant changes will be taking place in the next 10-15 years, and that the residents must take responsibility to ensure and implement these changes, as we are the ones who will be living with and affected by them.
  • Dr. Caughron presented the State of the RF address, including the structure of CAP, its recent actions, and its current initiatives. Member-at-Large C. Leilani Valdes, MD gave an introduction to the new CAP Collaborative Space for Residents. Noel A. Brownlee, RF Vice Chair, gave an update on the Graduate Medical Education Committee. Jacqueline Granese, MD gave an update on the American Medical Association Resident and Fellow Section.
  • CAP Foundation Directors Robert L. Breckenridge, MD, FCAP and Steven Drury, MD gave an update on the CAP Foundation, as well as recognizing CAP Foundation Young Leader Awardees.
  • Sandra B. Grear, CAP Vice President Membership and Professional Development, gave a mini-training session on High Impact Communications for Daily Interactions.
  • John W. Turner, MD, CAP RF Delegate to the CAP House of Delegates gave a brief overview of PathPAC, encouraging resident contributions, and gave an introduction for the Breakout Sessions, which occurred over the lunch break. Dr. Turner also gave an update on the Fall 2006 Resolutions.
  • Dr. Caughron verified credentials. There were 107 in attendance, 100 of which were seated delegates, representing 38 states, including one Canadian province and three military branches.
  • The Spring 2007 Resolutions were discussed.
  • RF-S2007-1 Research Credit Toward Primary Certification asked for up to three months of advanced research credit from prior investigative work to count toward primary certification, and was defeated by the voting delegates.
  • RF-S2007-2 was withdrawn on the advice of CAP legal counsel.
  • RF-S2007-3 Standardized Applications for Pathology Fellowships asked for CAP to develop a set of standardized fellowship applications and deadlines for each fellowship, and was referred to the RF Executive Committee for further discussion.
  • A Town Hall Panel Discussion was hosted by CAP President Dr. Sodeman. The guests were Betsy D. Bennett, MD, PhD, FCAP, American Board of Pathology Executive Vice President; Margaret M. Grimes, MD, FCAP, Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education, Residency Review Committee for Pathology Chairs; James M. Crawford, MD, PhD, FCAP, Association of Pathology Chairs, Inc. President; and Michael L. Talbert, MD, FCAP, CAP Graduate Medical Education Committee Chair. Some of the topics discussed included maintenance of certification, standardized fellowship application process, and perceived shortcomings of graduating residents.
  • Future Residents Forum meeting dates were announced to be held in the following locations: CAP ’07–The Pathologists*#8217; Meeting™ from September 29 to October 3, 2007, in Chicago, IL; March 1, 2008 in Denver, CO; and at CAP ’08 on September 25-28, 2008, in San Diego, CA.
  • The meeting was promptly adjourned at 4:30 pm by Dr. Caughron.


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