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Pathologist's Testimonials

Why have you chosen pathology?

I don’t think of it as “why I chose pathology” but more “pathology chose me.” Pathology was the only specialty where everywhere I went, everyone told me that they loved their job, both staff and the residents.
Fourth-Year Pathology Resident, MD, Washington, DC

I believe each of the medical specialties has something about it that draws certain personality traits to it. Pathology drew me to it because of the science, statistics, broad knowledge base required, and pivotal role it plays.
Practicing Pathologist, MD, Kentucky

Pathology is great because it gives one a chance to interact with every field of medicine, from internal medicine and OB/Gyn to surgical subspecialties and dermatology.
Fourth-Year Pathology Resident, MD, PhD, North Carolina

I love pathology because in many ways it is like solving puzzles. As pathologists, we integrate the clinical data with the histomorphology and laboratory values, and we add additional ancillary studies until we ascertain the best diagnosis. We evaluate the subjective and objective data while approaching the diagnosis that explains the clinical picture. We work at multiple levels—we assist and guide clinicians, we educate clinicians and patients, at times we even provide therapy such as therapeutic plasmapheresis. Thus, pathologists are an integral part of the treatment team.
Third-Year Pathology Resident, MD, Texas

Pathologist's Testimonials

What professional and personal benefits are there in choosing pathology and being a pathologist?

If anyone says that lifestyle isn’t a factor in choosing your medical career, they lie. You are able to have a life outside of the hospital, even while on call (remember that during third year when you are being flogged after being up for about 36 hours straight).
Fourth-Year Pathology Resident, MD, Washington, DC

As a pathologist it is our job to have a reasonably good understanding of the jobs of the other healthcare team members. We must always keep up to date on the new test or new testing methods to enable the other members of the team to offer the best therapeutic regimens.
Practicing Pathologist, MD, Kentucky

The professional benefits of pathology include dealing with health care professionals directly, having my own office or lab, and having access to patient records for research as well as epidemiological reports. Personal benefits of pathology include discovering new things through microscopy and observing changes in patterns of nature. Also, it is possible to spend more time with friends and family.
Fourth-Year Pathology Resident, MD, Connecticut

Pathologist's Testimonials

What’s so great about being a pathologist?

Being a pathologist is great because, you are like the doctor for the doctors, the central nervous system for the hospital and the doctor for the most patients.
Second-Year Pathology Resident, MD, Connecticut

The greatness of being a pathologist is that I have the opportunity to be aware and ahead of health and disease and achieve one of my dreams...“to heal the world” in every possible way.
Third-Year Pathology Resident, MD, Connecticut

Pathology is challenging in its wide scope of material. This helps keep you engaged and interested.
Second-Year Pathology Resident, MD, Texas