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  • Key questions to evaluate your practice
        (PDF, 189 KB)
  • 2011 Practice Characteristics Survey (PDF)

  •  CMS 2013 Physician Fee Schedule
  • Practice Impact Estimate
        Spreadsheet (Excel, 1.2 MB)
  • Medicare 2013 Physician Fee Schedule
        Resource Center (PFS)
  • Physician Quality Reporting System (PQRS)
        Resource Center

  •  Revenue Streams
  • Clinical Path Professional Billing Information
        (PDF, 187 KB)
  • Part A Information (PDF, 185 KB)
  • Hospital Contract Sample (PDF, 137 KB)

  •  Coding and Payment
  • Patient-friendly Explanation of Pathologist
        Services - Coming Soon
  • Patient-friendly Agreement to Pay Pathologist
        Services - Coming Soon
  • Direct Bill States (PDF, 157 KB)
  •  Employee Relations
  • Employment Contract Sample (PDF, 135 KB)

  •  Pathology Report Resources
  • DirecTIP - Can You Read Me Now? (PDF, 50 KB)

  •  Laboratory Medical Director
  • DirecTIP - Taking Credit Where Credit is Due
        Services (PDF, 55 KB)
  • DirecTIP - Are You Buying Premium When
        Regular Would Do? (PDF, 62 KB)
  • DirecTIP - You’re Outta Here (PDF, 65 KB)
  • DirecTOOLs - Reference lab test sample
        review form (PDF, 164 KB)

  •  Frequently Asked Questions
  • CAPs Members Assistance Questions
         and Answers (PDF, 73 KB)

      Practice Management Directory
    Practice Management Directory – Lists firms offering practice management services that have been referred by at least two CAP Fellows.
      Practice Managers Forum
    Practice Managers Forum – Have your practice manager sign-up to have access to CAP’s practice management resources.
      Advocacy’s 2011 Practice
      Characteristics Survey Results
    2011 Issue Briefs

    – Provides a primary source of basic data on pathologists and their practices.

    Topic Areas Description
    (PDF 109 KB)

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