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Updated January 15, 2011

Laboratory Medical DirecTIPs is an informational series designed for laboratory medical directors. These monthly briefs, produced by the CAP’s Practice Management Committee, aim to broadly identify steps medical directors may want to consider in the context of their essential role in quality patient care and promoting the value of that role. Each medical director, of course, must decide, depending on his or her facility’s needs, constraints, local practice standards, and applicable legal requirements, whether the identified steps will be beneficial.

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January 2011

Don’t Refer, Don’t Confer
Don’t let PT referral sink your laboratory

December 2010

The Gift of a PT Failure
Using your results to improve quality (and to avoid being the recipient of future “gifts”)

October 2010

This is a Test
Preparing Your Laboratory for the Performance of Proficiency Testing

April 2010

You’re Outta Here
Helping to Reduce Length of Stay

December 2009

Are You Buying Premium When Regular Would Do?
Getting a Handle on Send-Outs

October 2009

When a Rose Is Not a Rose
The Problem of Mislabeled Specimens

September 2009

What’s the Difference
What to do When New Accreditation Requirements
are Released

July 2009

Don’t Just Throw the Book at Them
Maximizing the Value of Your Procedure Manual

June 2009

There When They Need You
Providing Clinical Consultations

May 2009

Protecting Your People
Making Sure Your Physical Plant and Environment Are Safe

April 2009

Taking Credit Where Credit Is Due
Writing an Annual Status Report for Your Lab

March 2009

How Do You Know?
Monitoring Staff Competency

February 2009

Do They Have the Right Stuff?
Making Sure Your Testing Personnel are Qualified

January 2009

Do You Have Enough People?
Ensuring Sufficient Numbers of
Laboratory Personnel

December 2008

Can You Read Me Now?
Making Sure Your Lab Reports Are
Easy to Understand

While the DirecTIPs series is intended to present information consistent with laboratory accreditation standards and other regulations, the CAP is not responsible for any errors or inconsistencies with applicable requirements. If a laboratory medical director concludes there is a conflict between information presented in the DirecTIPs series and applicable legal requirements, then accreditation standards and regulations obviously supersede the information presented in DirecTIPs.

The series is available to all CAP members. To add, change, or remove your e-mail from the DirecTIPs distribution list, e-mail us.