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peer2peer Practice Roundtables, Trends, and Solutions

Learn about one of the top practice concerns:
Pathologist Workload Management

Roundtable Discussion Trends

The peer2peer Roundtable Discussion Trends are provided to identify important practice issues, share examples of how issues are presenting in various practices, and offer suggestions from peers on how to address those issues.

As of May 2014, the College has sponsored 57 peer2peer Practice Roundtable Discussions throughout the United States. The data is gathered, made anonymous, and saved.

The Table shows the top issues identified by discussion participants.

Table. Top Issues Identified by 57 Practices in the peer2peer Program
Issue Discussed by peer2peer Host PracticesPercentage of practices Discussing Issue
Relationship with hospital admin & medical staff48%
Medicare/Insurance Issues45%
Pathologist workload management36%
Lack of business acumen30%
Growth in practice30%
New diagnostic technology27%
Perception of Pathologists27%

Top 3 Issues
Over the last two years, competition, relationships with hospital administration and medical staff, and Medicare and insurance concerns have remained at the top of the list, with the percentage of practices wishing to discuss those topics increasing slightly in 2014.

Change in the Top 10
In 2013, consolidations were in the top ten concerns addressed by practices. As the second quarter of 2014 comes to a close, an increased concern for how pathologists are perceived has taken the place of consolidations.

Issue Overviews
A new issue is highlighted each month. Overviews reveal what your peers are saying about the issues they face, how they have addressed those issues, and where to find find College of American Pathologists (CAP) resources to support your practice with those particular barriers to success.

peer2peer Practice Roundtables allow the CAP members to host and lead informal, welcoming, and collegial conversations on the current state, future outlook, and growth opportunities for your practice.

Participate in the Discussions

If you are a CAP Member interested in participating in a peer2peer roundtable as a Practice Leader Host or Conversation leader, complete the Interest Form and Demographics Form.

Together, you and your colleagues will have the opportunity to:

  • Generate an active, ongoing dialogue among practice colleagues focused on the challenges specific to that group
  • Identify specific resources and action steps for forward movement
  • Provide a national peer-to-peer pathology practice resource
  • Initiate ongoing interactive conversations among practices and with the CAP


  • The host will select the meeting space, generally at the host facility.
    • The CAP coordinates and covers the costs of travel for conversation leaders and CAP partners.
  • The conversations last approximately 60 to 90 minutes, and are informal: no presentations, lectures, or equipment needed.
    • The CAP coordinates with the host on the selection and delivery of refreshments, paid for by the CAP.
    • The CAP partner takes minutes at the event and provides a copy to the conversation leader and the host post-event.
  • The information gathered at the event is stored and made anonymous by the peer2peer program coordinator.
  • The CAP partner maintains communication with the host practice, offering resources and information to help the practice group move forward, post-event.

More Information

Please direct any questions to:

Nora Bowers