College of American Pathologists
 Value-Based Business Center

Gather Data. Make Decisions. Pursue Opportunities.

Adapt to the changing health care industry with our one-of-a-kind business management tools for pathology practices.

Add value to your practice

One-of-a-Kind Business Management Tools

Our Value-Based Business Center, the only resource of its kind, provides a set of business management toolkits to help your practice succeed now and ease seamlessly into the future.

Additional Resources

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        Care Resource Center

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Created Specifically for Pathology Practices

These management tools will facilitate efficiency in the current health care landscape and prepare members for new payment systems.

Why Choose Our Toolkits

Our Value-Based Business Center’s management solutions help:

  • Uncover areas of untapped expertise within your practice
  • Identify the concerns, challenges, and opportunities facing your clients
  • Assess your practice’s competencies, capabilities, and capacities
  • Guide your practice in planning and executing value-generating health care improvement projects

Download a detailed overview of the CAP Value-Based Business Center toolkits (PDF, 132 KB).