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International (Non-Continental US) Order Information

A fee of $70 (US dollars) is charged for each product sent outside the United States to cover shipping costs and handling requirements. All shipments are made FOB (free on board) orgin. The College is not liable for loss or damage caused by force majeure. Additional fees, duties, and taxes not reflected in CAP list prices may be imposed on orders; customers should check with the local customers office regarding these changes.

Please request information from local authorities to determine if any permits are required. Import permits are obtained by customers and forwarded to the CAP for inclusion with product shipment. Products with hazardous materials may require special permits and additional charges. Refer to the list of Surveys modules with hazardous materials. Products will not ship without required documentation.

Every effort will be made to ensure that shipments reach their destination in a timely and efficient manner.

Duties or import taxes imposed by countries outside of the United States are the responsibility of the customer and cannot be waived by the CAP.

It is important that you provide a complete address, telephone number, fax number, and contact name on your order form (PO box numbers are not acceptable). Due to the nature of proficiency testing materials, the CAP cannot replace kits that are lost, delayed, or refused entry into your country. No credits or refunds will be issued on such shipments. Some Surveys have limited stability and may be difficult to transport to overseas locations. These Surveys include Biochemical Genetics (BGL), Cytogenetics (CY), Cardiac Markers (CARM), Activated Clotting Time (CT1), Direct Antiglobulin Testing (DAT), Flow Cytometry (FL, FL1, FL2, FL3), Glycohemoglobin (GH2), Histocompatibility (B27, HLAS, HLAS1, MX1B, MX1C, MX1E, MX2B, MX2C, MX2E), Tick-Transmitted Diseases (TTD), Molecular Genetics (MGL1-3), Parentage Testing (PAR, PARF), Transfusion Medicine (DAT, J, J1, JAT, JE1, TMCA, TMCAD), and Troponin (TRP). Please note replacements will not be available for these Surveys.

Survey materials that are liquid products are shipped with frozen cold packs and need to be kept cold as much as possible. If transportation to your location does not allow for these conditions to be met, replacements will not be available.

For international participants interested in reporting SI units, please note special ordering codes with the Chemistry (CN3), Basic (A1N), and Ligand (KN) Surveys.

Customers shall be liable for all costs and expenses related to the return of shipments to the College or its designated packagers if the reason for such return is late product cancellation, shipment refusal, invlaid ship-to address, or nonprovision of required documentation to the CAP for inclusion in the shipment.

Canadian and Hawaiian Participants
Current Canadian regulations require that Canadian laboratories obtain import permits to import animal and human pathogens. This regulation applies to CAP Surveys that contain hazardous material. It is important that you obtain permits from the Health and Welfare Canada for all infectious Surveys and a second permit from the Canadian Department of Agriculture for the D, D1, D2, D3, D4, E, E1, and ID Surveys. A copy of a valid permit must be sent to the CAP for attachment to each shipment containing hazardous Surveys. Surveys will not ship without required documentation.

The state of Hawaii also requires import permits. You may obtain an import permit by contacting the Plant Quarantine Branch of the State of Hawaii Department of Agriculture. You will need to complete form PQ-7 to obtain the import permit.

Wire Transfer Information
Please include all bank fees incurred when remitting your payment by wire transfer to:
Harris Trust and Savings Bank
111 West Monroe Street
Chicago, Illinois 60690
Account Number: 223-733-7ABA
Number: 071000288

The Surveys listed below contain hazardous materials and may require special permits and additional charges.

Surveys Modules with Hazardous Materials
Code Survey Name
D Bacteriology
D1 Throat Culture
D2 Urine Culture
D3 GC Culture
D4 Limited Bacteriology
Molecular Microbiology
ID Nucleic Acid Amplification
HIV, HV2 HIV Viral Load
E Mycobacteriology
E1 Limited Mycobacteriology
F Mycology
F1 Yeast
VR1 Virology Culture
VR4 Virology Antigen Detection
HC4 Herpes Culture
HC5 C. trachomatis/N. gonorrhoeae by DNA Probe

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