College of American Pathologists

  Guidelines for Establishing
  a Proctor


Published September 5, 2006

For laboratories that participated in the 2006 PAP PT program, proctors will automatically be registered for 2007. Laboratories may change their proctors by contacting the College. Each registered proctor must successfully complete the 2007 Proctor Training Exam which is delivered 60 days prior to your testing event.

For new PAP PT orders, the laboratory must complete a Proctor Information Form included in the 2007 Gynecologic Cytology Proficiency Testing Order Form.

  • The Laboratory Director must select a minimum of two proctors. The laboratory should determine the designation of a primary Proctor A before the actual testing session. Laboratories that employ over 10 cytotechnologists and pathologists are encouraged to select one proctor for each five additional participants. If the laboratory cannot provide two proctors within its institution, the CAP can provide a proctor for an additional fee.
  • The primary proctor (Proctor A) cannot be a cytotechnologist or pathologist who is taking the proficiency test onsite at that laboratory during that time. If a cytotechnologist or pathologist is scheduled to take the proficiency test at another location or with another program, it would be acceptable for him/her to be Proctor A.
  • A cytotechnologist or pathologist can be a secondary proctor (Proctor B) only if the test is administered to them first by the primary proctor. He/she can then support the primary proctor for the remainder of the testing events.
  • A proctor should have a high school education and a background in basic laboratory procedures. Experience with microscopy is highly recommended for at least one of the proctors.
  • The proctors must successfully pass a training test administered by the CAP each year. The successful completion of the Proctor exam is specifically linked to the Laboratory’s PAP PT event. Proctor certification from another PT program or previous year will not be accepted for PAP PT.
  • Suggestions for persons who may serve as Primary Proctors include but are not limited to:
    • Laboratory Manager
    • Laboratory Supervisors
    • Section Leaders or Team Leaders from another department
    • Safety Officer
    • Quality Assurance personnel
    • Histotechnologist
    • Cytology Preparatory Technician or Office Manager

The Laboratory Director is responsible for the selection and verification of all proctors chosen and their ability to perform the proctor tasks. The Laboratory Director must sign the Proctor Information Form.


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