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Published September 5, 2006

  • Cytotechnologists and pathologists engaged in the examination of gynecologic cytology preparations (full-time, part-time, locum tenens or per diem personnel) can complete their proficiency testing through PAP PT either at their home base institution or at the CAP if they do not have a home base institution.
  • The proficiency test must occur within three consecutive days during a scheduled testing session. The CAP offers 24 different testing sessions beginning January 22nd through December 17th. You must indicate your top three testing session preferences on the order form. For the greatest likelihood in securing your preferred testing session, enroll early. The CAP will make every effort to accommodate your requests; however, an alternate testing session may be issued. Please order by December 1, 2006 for all CAP Surveys products.
  • Test materials will ship Wednesday prior to your scheduled testing session via DHL two-day delivery to your designated contact person. Your testing event will begin after your chosen Proctor “A” has verified the contents of the test kit. If testing begins on Monday, it must be completed by Wednesday evening; if it begins on Tuesday, it must be completed by Thursday evening; if it begins on Wednesday, it must be completed by Friday evening. Smaller laboratories are encouraged to complete their testing in less than three days.
  • CAP will provide one slideset for every five participants.
  • Each slideset contains 10 slides. The majority of PAPKPT (SurePath™) and PAPMPT (ThinPrep®) slidesets are pure; however, some slidesets may contain one or two conventional slides. Slidesets are sent to laboratories via random computer selection.
  • The slideset(s) must be returned to CAP at the end of the testing session once all individuals have completed the test. The slideset(s) must be returned no later than the morning after the third testing day or Friday afternoon, whichever comes first. A prepaid address label is provided for your convenience.
  • Laboratories enrolling in PAP PT must select at least two proctors to administer the PT on site. Larger laboratories are encouraged to select a proctor for each additional five participants. Please refer to the section on Guidelines for Establishing a Proctor.
  • Questions about ordering the CAP PAP PT program may be directed to 800-323-4040, option 1#.


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