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Published September 5, 2006

The laboratory must ensure that all individuals engaged in the examination of gynecologic preparations are enrolled in a proficiency testing program approved by CMS. This includes all pathologists, cytotechnologists and fellows if they perform final review or sign-out of gynecologic slides, whether they are full-time, part-time or per diem.


  • Anatomic pathologists who receive their ABP or AOBP certification, including additional qualification in Cytopathology, will not be monitored for PT by CMS in the year in which they become board certified.
  • Cytotechnologists who take their ASCP BOR and receive a passing score will not be monitored for PT by CMS in the year they pass their ASCP BOR examination.

Each participant must complete an Examinee Information Form accurately which is included in the Proctor/Laboratory Director Packet. This packet is mailed 60 days prior to your testing session.

Note: If you tested in 2006 with CAP, you do not need to complete a new Examinee Information Form. However, if any of your information has changed since your last testing session, you need to update one or more of the fields listed below by downloading a form off the CAP Web site or contacting the CAP at 1-800-323-4040, option 1#.

Registration Instructions:

  • Individual Reference Number: This is the CAP member/reference number. If you are unsure whether you have a member/reference number, you may log onto the CAP web site with your username and login ID and navigate to the “Membership” tab, “Pay Dues Online” section. The member/reference number will appear there. If you do not have a member/reference number, leave blank.
  • PTR Number: The Proficiency Testing Registration (PTR) number is the unique identification number assigned by CMS beginning in 2005. If you took a Cytology Proficiency Test previously, you will need to provide your PTR number. Your registration will be delayed if you do not provide your PTR number.
    • If you do not know your PTR number, review your 2005 or 2006 documents to retrieve the number or you must contact your previous proficiency test provider.
    • If you have not taken the test previously, and do not have a PTR number, please select “I do not have a PTR Number.”
  • Florida License Number: Complete if applicable.
  • Examinee Information: First name, middle initial and last name must be printed legibly.
    • Both the Examinee Type and professional credentials must be filled in. Examinee types are cytotechnologist; pathologist, primary screener; and pathologist, secondary screener, as defined here by the Federal register §493.945(b)(2):
      • Examinee Type for Pathologists: A pathologist, primary screener is “a technical supervisor who screens and interprets slide preparations that have not been previously examined…(he/she) must be tested using a test set that has not been previously screened.”

           A pathologist, Secondary Screener is a technical supervisor “who routinely interprets gynecologic slide preparations only after they have been examined by a cytotechnologist…(he/she) can either be tested using a test set that has been screened by a cytotechnologist in the same laboratory or using a test set that has not been screened.”

  • Address Information: A business or home telephone number is required. If the institution name and address have changed, make the necessary changes.
  • Additional Laboratory Employment: This information is required if the participant screens gynecologic slides or has gynecologic sign-out privileges at any other institution including contract work done for hospitals and private institutions. The CAP Number (if any) and CLIA Number must be provided for each additional institution of employment. This includes satellite laboratories that hold a CLIA license to perform gynecologic cytology associated with a main laboratory. CAP will provide your score to additional institutions that you list on your form.
  • Signature of Examinee and Signature of Laboratory Director or designee is required.


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