College of American Pathologists

  Proctor Responsibilities


Published September 5, 2006

Pre-test Responsibilities

  • Review all instructions and test materials prior to conducting the proficiency test as included in the Proctor Training Packet.
  • Complete the Proctor Training Test no later than three weeks before the scheduled testing event.
  • Ensure that your Laboratory Director or Site Administrator has opted in to e-Lab Solutions and granted you access to this site prior to the testing event. For assistance regarding the e-Lab Solutions Opt In process or requesting access, please call the College at 1-800-323-4040, option 1.
  • Receive the Test Kit, ensure all documents are enclosed, and verify the slides are received unbroken. Fax the Test Kit Attestation Form back to the CAP or notify the CAP immediately if there are any problems with slides or documents to arrange for an overnight replacement of slideset(s) and/or result forms. Do not make copies of the blank result forms.
  • Explain the conditions of the testing event to the participants as outlined in the instructions and maintain the confidentiality of the test environment.

Testing Event Responsibilities

  • Distribute the slideset, the individual result form and the kit instructions to each participant.
  • Monitor the time limits for the test, and halt the exam after the allotted time has elapsed.
  • Ensure that there is no communication between participants during the testing event.
  • Check that the individual has filled out the result form completely and accurately according to the instructions.
  • Collect each participant’s result form confidentially, ensure that each participant and the Laboratory Director sign and date the Attestation Statement located on the result form.
  • Fax the result form to the CAP immediately upon completion of each participant’s exam and store it in a secure place.
  • Record each participant’s result form unique kit number, PTR number and date tested on the Slideset Verification Log.
  • Collect slides at the end of each cytotechnologist’s exam, and remove dotting marks on the slides prior to giving them to another participant depending on the screening rules described in the instructions.

Post-test Responsibilities

  • Log onto the e-Lab Solutions area of the CAP Web site and verify, using the unique kit number identification, that each individual result form has been received by the CAP.
  • Fax the Slideset Verification Log to CAP, and maintain confidentiality of all test materials.
  • Retain all forms, both pre- and post-test, for the laboratory’s documentation.
  • Pack the slideset(s) in return boxes immediately at the end of the third testing day, and call DHL for package pick-up.


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