College of American Pathologists

  CAP Purchasing Mission Statement




The mission for the College of American Pathologists Purchasing Department is to best represent the interests of the College in all of its procurement related activities. The customers of CAP Purchasing include both internal and external users of purchased goods and services as well as the membership.

The basic buying formula consists of making our business attractive to suppliers and developing a limited number of long term relationships. This is done by consolidating our needs, dealing honestly and with integrity, being firm but fair, continually aspiring to improve and recognizing the value of credibility. Requirements are to be sourced in a manner that assures the best combination of supply, quality, service and price. In doing this we encourage a healthy competitive environment for viable sources.

It’s our policy to not only expect a high level of performance from our suppliers but also of ourselves. This two way philosophy makes up the heart of our Purchasing creed and allows us to best service our customers.


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