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  Past Q-PROBES Studies - 2009


Posted January 11, 2010

All studies below are available for ordering.

QP091 – Utilization of STAT Test Priority
Objective: Determine the rate of STAT testing, compare rates among institutions, and determine the distribution of turnaround time expectations for different turnaround time priorities.
Cost: $20.00


QP092 – Monitoring of Outpatient Orders Requiring Clarification
Objective: Determine the fractions of all outpatient test orders that require clarification, the distribution of these orders among different test types, and the fractions of orders whose entry is delayed more than 30 minutes for clarification.
Cost: $20.00


QP093– Quality of Transfusion Documentation
Objective: Measure the compliance with transfusion documentation requirements within an institution by assessing transfusions for compliance with all CAP and AABB requirements, excluding informed consent.
Cost: $20.00


QP094 – Mislabeling Rate of Specimens, Blocks, and Slides in Surgical Pathology
Objective: Determine the steps in the accessioning and labeling of histologic materials where most of the errors are made, determine when the error was detected, and analyze whether the error led to problems with patient treatment or management.


For more information about this study, see:
Arch Pathol Lab Med. 2011:135(8):969-974.

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