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  Past Q-PROBES Studies - 2010


Updated September 5, 2012

All studies below are available for ordering.

QP101 - Technical Staffing Ratios
Objective: Measure staffing in different areas of the laboratory, calculate key staffing ratios, and compare key staffing ratios with other institutions.
Cost: $75.00
  For more information about this study, see:
Archives of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine.


QP102 - Utility of Repeat Testing of Critical Values
Objective: Determine the rate of repeated values changed from a critical to a non-critical value, the rate of repeated chemistry and hematology values that differed significantly from the original value as defined by the participating laboratory, the threshold differences defined by the laboratory as clinically significant, and the additional time required to analyze the repeated test.
Cost: $75.00


QP103 – Patient Safety Practices for Monitoring PT/INR
Objective: Determine how laboratories monitor INR calculations, patient values, and reference ranges (per HEM.23430) and determine the percentage of critical PT/INR results that are successfully provided to a licensed caregiver.
Cost: $75.00


QP104 – Mammography Correlation with Pathology Reports
Objective: Determine the rate that surgical pathology reports correlate histologic abnormalities with radiographic findings.
Cost: $75.00
  For more information about this study, see:
Archives of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine.

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