College of American Pathologists

  QP121 – Nursing Satisfaction with Clinical Laboratory Services


Posted January 16, 2012

Assessment of internal and external customer satisfaction is a key component of the quality improvement program for most laboratories and is a requirement for most accrediting organizations. Nursing personnel spend a significant amount of time interacting with laboratory personnel to initiate testing and follow up on results; therefore, this is an important group to monitor. This study provides a structured mechanism to obtain constructive feedback from the nursing service to identify improvement opportunities.


This study will determine and characterize the satisfaction of hospital nursing personnel with clinical laboratory services.

Data Collection

Participants will distribute up to 200 satisfaction surveys to nursing personnel (managerial and non-managerial) representing all locations within the hospital serviced by the laboratory. Participants have the option to distribute the survey and collect the survey responses electronically. Participants will return the results of the first 50 surveys to the CAP for analysis.

Performance Indicators

  • Overall nursing satisfaction score
  • Percentage of excellent/good ratings
  • Percentage of below average/poor ratings

Ship Date

December 5, 2011

Order Deadline

February 2, 2012*

*Orders must be received by the order deadline.


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