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Updated April 28, 2014

Evaluate quality improvements in your lab

With today’s focus on reducing medical errors, achieving and maintaining excellence is key to success. Using short-term studies, Q-PROBES provides a one-time comprehensive assessment of key processes in your laboratory.

Structure your data collection and analysis for success

Use Q-PROBES to help build and improve data collection and analysis processes that contribute to quality of care, patient safety and outcomes.

Establish realistic laboratory benchmarks and performance goals

Q-PROBES is an external peer-comparison program that addresses process-, outcome-, and structure-oriented quality assurance issues. Establish benchmarks through external database comparisons and compare your performance to establish laboratory goals and improve performance.

Since the launch of the Q-PROBES™ program in 1989, a summary of data from most Q-PROBES studies have been published in the Archives of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine. In an effort to make this data more accessible, these articles based on past Q-PROBES studies have been categorized by the topics listed below. Articles resulting from Q-TRACKS® data (Q-PROBES studies that have been redesigned into longitudinal monitors) are also included within these categories.

Click on the topic link to access the related Q-PROBES or Q-TRACKS articles. Within each topic, the articles are organized by publication year.

To access a full search function of Archives, visit the Archives section.

Anatomic Pathology Post-analytical
Clinical Pathology Customer Satisfaction
Chemistry/Hematology Patient Safety
Microbiology Turnaround Time
Transfusion Medicine Analytical

Maintenance of Certification is available for the Quality Management Tools.


If you have any questions about the Q-PROBES program, please contact us via the Customer Contact Center.


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