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  QT5 - Gynecologic Cytology Outcomes:
  Biopsy Correlation Performance


Updated January 2, 2009

Gynecologic Cytology Outcomes: Biopsy Correlation Performance QT5
The correlation of cervicovaginal cytology (Pap test) findings with cervical biopsy results is a staple in the cytopathology laboratory’s quality assurance program. By monitoring this correlation, the laboratory can identify potential problems requiring improvement, thereby ensuring better patient results.

Monitor Objective
Quantify the correlation between the findings of cervicovaginal cytology and corresponding histologic material.

Data Collection
Participants are asked to record information on true-positive, false-positive, and false-negative cytology-biopsy correlations on a monthly basis. False-negative correlations will be separated into four error categories on a monthly basis. Participants will also record the biopsy diagnoses for Pap tests with an interpretation of atypical squamous cells (ASC-US and ASC-H) or atypical glandular cells (AGC). This monitor includes patients for whom a cervical biopsy specimen is submitted to the laboratory and for whom a satisfactory or satisfactory but limited Pap test has been submitted within three months previous to the biopsy or at the time of the biopsy.

Performance Indicators

  • Predictive Value of a Positive Cytology (%)
  • Sensitivity (%)
  • Screening/Interpretive Sensitivity (%)
  • Sampling Sensitivity (%)
  • Percent Positive for ASC-US Interpretations
  • Percent Positive for ASC-H Interpretations
  • Percent Positive for AGC Interpretations

Input forms for quarterly data will be sent to participants approximately three weeks prior to the quarter.


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