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  QT7 - Satisfaction With Outpatient Specimen


Updated December 15, 2008

Satisfaction With Outpatient Specimen Collection QT7
Specimen collection is one of the few areas of laboratory medicine that involves direct outpatient contact. As a result, patient satisfaction with this service is a vital indicator of quality laboratory performance. By participating in this monitor, you can help ensure that patient satisfaction with laboratory services is being measured as required by accrediting agencies such as The Joint Commission and the CAP.

Monitor Objective
Assess patient satisfaction with outpatient phlebotomy services by measuring patients’ assessment of waiting time, level of discomfort, courteous treatment, and overall satisfaction.

Data Collection
On a monthly basis, participants will distribute copies of a questionnaire to a minimum of 25 outpatients (maximum of 99 outpatients), using predetermined data collection criteria. This monitor includes any outpatient undergoing venipuncture or for whom assistance was required in specimen collection by your laboratory staff, and excludes patients seen in the emergency department, ambulatory surgery area, urgent care facility, chest pain center, 23-hour short-stay facility, employee health department, outpatient health screening fair/promotion, dialysis center, nursing home, or extended care facility.

Performance Indicators

  • Patient Satisfaction Score
  • Percentage of Patients “More Than Satisfied”

Input forms for quarterly data will be sent to participants approximately three weeks prior to the quarter.


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