College of American Pathologists

  QT16 - Corrected Results


Updated: January 2, 2009

Corrected Results QT16
This Q-TRACKS monitor was developed in recognition of the importance of timely detection and correction of erroneous laboratory results. Accuracy in laboratory results is critical to the effectiveness of a physician’s plan of care for a patient. An erroneous result can delay or alter patient treatment, therefore detection of erroneous results should be a priority in every laboratory and should be monitored as a key quality indicator.

Monitor Objective
Monitor the number of corrected test results within individual institutions and compare performance with that of all institutions and those institutions similar to yours.

Data Collection
On a monthly basis participants will monitor the number of corrected test results and the total number of billable tests for that month. Test results for all patients in all care settings will be included, with the following exclusions: anatomic pathology tests and narrative physician-interpreted tests (i.e., bone marrow biopsies and peripheral smear reports).

Performance Indicator

  • Test Result Correction Rate (per 10,000 billable tests)

Input forms for quarterly data will be sent to participants approximately three weeks prior to the quarter.


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