College of American Pathologists

  QT18 - Specimen Acceptability in Blood Bank


Posted September 14, 2009

Specimen Acceptability in Blood Bank QT18
Appropriate collection and labeling of patient specimens are essential for accurate specimen analysis and reporting of test results. Mislabeling of blood bank specimens can result in catastrophic outcomes when incompatible red blood cells are transfused. Accrediting agencies, such as AABB and the CAP (TRM.30550, 30575), require monitoring of key specimen quality issues and demonstration of a system for continual process improvement. This Q-TRACKS monitor will allow you to compare your performance to your peers.

Identify and characterize incorrectly collected and labeled blood specimens submitted to the blood bank for testing.

Data Collection
Participants will provide weekly tallies of the total number of specimens submitted to the blood bank and the number of rejected specimens. The primary reason for specimen rejection will be reported.

Performance Indicators

  • Specimen Rejection Rate (%)
  • Breakdown of Rejection Reasons (%)

Input forms for quarterly data collection will be sent to participants approximately three weeks prior to the quarter


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