College of American Pathologists
Getting Started for the New Subscriber

Introducing a new way to comply with OPPE/FPPE

New subscribers to Evalumetrics can start choosing metrics and entering providers to streamline the process of managing Ongoing Professional Practice Evaluation (OPPE) and Focused Professional Practice Evaluation (FPPE).

Task 1: Methods to Select your Practice Areas and Metrics

When you first access Evalumetrics, you can:

  1. choose a “Quick Start” option with pre-selected metrics or
  2. choose to customize the program for your practice.

The metrics provided with the program have supporting documents to help you collect data. Data collection for metrics is managed outside the program and then entered into the Evalumetrics application for each provider.

Your data will be stored up to 3 years as long as you subscribe to the program.

Task 2: Registration of Providers

Enroll the providers once your subscription is active.

Data for individual providers can be entered only for dates on or after the date the provider is enrolled in the program.

When you first access the system, new providers are added to your subscription and database.

Online/Print Help Guides

Online: Access the user videos that demonstrate how to use the program.

Print: Download through Evalumetrics the user guide in PDF format.

To ensure confidentiality,

  • identify each provider by code only using either a subscriber specified numeric code or a code automatically assigned by the system.
  • Subscribers are urged not to enter codes that can directly provide the identity of any provider in the system.
  • It is important that you maintain the identity of all providers and their codes in a secure location.

Note: Once a provider’s code is entered into the system, the subscriber is responsible for maintaining the identity of the provider by code.

The College of American Pathologists will not have access to the identity of any provider and will not be able to provide this identity to the subscriber.

Task 3: Areas of Practice and Privileges

To access and assign metrics to each provider,

  • enter the general areas of practice and subspecialty privilege areas into the system for each provider on initial set-up and
  • select a comprehensive profile for each provider because the system will display prospective metrics for providers based on their unique practice and privilege information.

Note: These parameters can be modified and revised as needed to meet changing institutional needs.

Task 4: Providers’ Practice Evaluation Data

The type of practice evaluation must be entered for each provider.

  1. Ongoing Professional Practice Evaluation: The frequency of data entry and performance assessment must be entered for each metric. You can choose to enter data and assess performance every month, every 3 months, or every 6 months.
  2. Focused Professional Practice Evaluation: The duration of monitoring and/or number of service events will be entered for each metric at the time of their selection for the provider.

Note: Assessment of each provider’s overall performance and determination of the provider’s status regarding satisfactory or unsatisfactory completion of OPPE and/or FPPE is the prerogative of the subscriber and/or the subscriber’s health care organization. Evalumetrics does not provide guidance or recommendations to the subscriber regarding the overall assessment or privileging decisions for providers.