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Introducing a new way to comply with OPPE/FPPE


Subscriptions to Evalumetrics are acquired by individual pathology departments or groups (or individual institutions on behalf of their pathology department).

Subscribe Now

Subscribe now and start enrolling your pathologists. Enter the number of providers on the order form to find the price for your group.

The sooner you join, the more you will gain from the first year with immediate access to metrics and the opportunity to start entering data and creating reports.

Order a Subscription

Subscribe to Evalumetrics by submitting the completed order form.

Orders cannot be processed without full information. On the form, provide a name and email address for each authorized user who may enter provider data and generate reports.

Who is an “Authorized User”?

Authorized users should not necessarily be the providers enrolled in the program. One or more of your authorized users may be administrative personnel who enter data into the program. Another authorized user, such as the head of group, will select the metrics and assign them to providers for monitoring. You may choose to introduce your providers to Evalumetrics by reviewing and discussing metric selections before choosing them in the program.

Requirements for Authorized Users

All authorized users will need a CAP Web account. Sign up for an account through our online system.

You will need to provide basic demographics about your institution annually on the order form for eventual use in metric benchmarking data.

Useful Tips

Once your order is processed, each authorized user will receive an email with a notification that access has been granted.

The “Getting Started” section will guide you through the steps on how to use the system after you have subscribed and have access to the program.