New Annual Release Schedule


Posted May 8, 2012

After much discussion with vendors, end-users, and the cancer registry community, the PERT and Cancer Committees have decided to move to an annual release cycle for both the eCC and cancer protocols, starting with the May 25, 2012, release. This decision is primarily due to difficulty that vendors and users experience trying to keep up with frequent checklist updates. The annual release cycle will provide more consistency and predictability for the user community and ease some of the challenges previously faced with frequent bulk releases.

The new release process will also allow for the agile release of single checklists and technical updates as needed. An agile release occurs when a checklist is released at the time that all revisions are completed, rather than waiting for the next annual release date. This will be reserved for protocol major revisions, creation of new protocols initiated by the Cancer Committee, eCC map updates, technical improvements and beta testing for new eCC tools such as eFRM. Several checklists planned for agile release in 2012-2013 include:

  1. Thyroid—Major Revisions
  2. Brain & Spinal Cord—Major Revisions
  3. Uterine Sarcoma—New Protocol
  4. Basal Cell Carcinoma—New Protocol
  5. Skin Adnexa—New Protocol