College of American Pathologists

  Spokespersons Network


Become a spokesperson on behalf of your profession.

Any CAP member may be eligible to attend a CAP Spokespersons Training Program. The intensive media and presentation training program prepares participants to work with television, radio, and print media and to address community groups and medical colleagues using language that helps the public understand the vital role that you, as a pathologist, play in primary health care.

The College offers scholarships covering all expenses for those who attend the program. Scholarships are given based on the media market or Congressional district in which the applicant resides and on the areas of the applicant’s professional expertise. In return, applicants selected for spokespersons training must maintain an active membership in the CAP Spokespersons Network for three years.

More than 320 CAP Fellow and Junior Members are a part of the CAP Spokespersons Network. For more information about the training program, please contact Julie Monzo.


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