College of American Pathologists

Pathologist Organization Reacts to State of the Union

Published on: January 20, 2004

A Statement by Mary Kass, MD, FCAP
President, College of American Pathologists

"Last night during his State of the Union speech, President Bush reiterated his commitment to making quality health care affordable and available to all Americans. The College of American Pathologists supports the President in this effort.

"While the recently passed Medicare reforms will do much to increase seniors access to prescription drugs and quality health care, there is still much that can, and must be done to meet the health care needs of patients across the country.

"In his speech, the President called for use of computerized medical records to increase efficiency, reduce costs and improve patient safety. As a leader in promoting quality laboratory medicine, this is a goal the College has long advocated for and worked toward. Through our creation of the comprehensive medical nomenclature SNOMED CT®, and our subsequent partnership with the Department of Health and Human Services to make this extraordinary new technology available to health care providers across the country, the College is working in partnership with the federal government to make the dream of universal electronic medical records a reality.

"The College also shares the President's commitment to meaningful medical liability reform. It is clear that the current system is broken. Runaway litigation is threatening patient access to care while increasing costs. Congress must act quickly to address this growing crisis and safeguard patients' access to care.

"As the leading advocate for pathologists and quality medical laboratory care, the College of American Pathologists looks forward to continuing to work with the President, Congress and state governments across the country to find solutions to these and other pressing health care issues."

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