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June 28, 2012
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Special Report
CAP Statement on Supreme Court Decision to Uphold Individual Mandate

“Now that the Supreme Court has ruled that the reform law is constitutional, the extensive delivery system reforms embedded in the law move forward for implementation. The underlying issues driving reform—the need to improve patient care and reduce costs—remain as pressing today as they were before the health care reform law was passed two years ago.

“As experts in diagnostic medicine, pathologists will continue coordinating with other members of patient care teams to ensure these delivery system reforms increase the quality of care and reduce health care costs for our patients.

“The shift from volume-based fee-for-service payment to coordinated care and incentive-based reimbursement continues to gain momentum, particularly in the private sector. And with emerging technologies in genomic diagnostics, increasing the demand for more evidence-based, personalized medicine, it’s more important than ever that pathologists are integral members of patient care teams.”

Statement Attributable to CAP President Stanley J. Robboy, MD, FCAP

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