College of American Pathologists
  Biorepository Accreditation Program – Live Inspector Training Event

Are you interested in learning more about the CAP’s new Accreditation Program for Biorepositories and becoming a trained CAP inspector? With over fifty years experience in accreditation, the CAP recognizes that the success of its peer-based inspector model depends heavily on a well-trained peer inspection team. And while the CAP understands that no two biorepositories are alike, our faculty of staff will share their knowledge and experiences during this interactive training session leaving you-the experts in the industry-confidence to:

  • Lead a CAP inspection team,
  • Discover, synthesize, and assess processes to a requirement, and
  • Understand the philosophy of CAP inspections and deliver the value of CAP Accreditation to the biorepository industry.

In this interactive program you will learn strategies to approach inspect and manage the accreditation and inspection processes. Participation in this program will lead to greater standardization, validation and improvement of best practices needed in the biorepository industry.

Biorepository Accreditation Program – Inspector Training
ISBER 2012 Annual Meeting & Exhibits
Westin Bayshore Hotel
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Sunday, May 13th, 1:00 – 5:00 p.m. (Part 1)
Monday, May 14th, 8:00 a.m. – Noon (Part 2)

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