CAP ’13 – THE Pathologists’ Meeting – October 13 – 16, 2013™
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NEW  AP131  Autopsy Evaluation of Coronary and Ischemic Heart Disease and Its Treatment

Wednesday, October 16
1:00–3:00 PM

Medical Knowledge Practice-Based Learning and Improvement

Every pathologist is familiar with the postmortem findings of untreated coronary artery and ischemic heart disease. However, new treatment interventions and modalities have altered the usual pathologic findings. Clinicians are asking autopsy pathologists more questions about the efficacy of treatment modalities or if the patient died of other cardiac causes. The course will review the pathology of ischemic heart disease emphasizing the examination of treatment interventions and hardware. You will also learn to differentiate treatment-induced morphologic changes from the underlying disease. You will experience case studies to help identify treatment of ischemic heart disease or its fatal complications.

You will learn to:

Michael D. Bell, MD, FCAP
Dylan V. Miller, MD, FCAP





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