CAP ’13 – THE Pathologists’ Meeting – October 13 – 16, 2013™
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NEW  CP105  HIV Diagnosis: New Tests, New Algorithms

Monday, October 14
10:30–11:30 AM

Medical Knowledge Patient Care

This course highlights significant advances in testing technology that allow detection of HIV sooner after infection with more rapid turnaround time for test results. New techniques include random-access antibody immunoassays and antigen/antibody combination assays. Because these new techniques detect antigen and/or IgM antibodies in addition to IgG, traditional HIV confirmatory tests, such as Western blot and IFA, which detect only IgG antibodies, are no longer adequate. HIV-2 infection does not respond to first-line therapies for HIV-1, including nonnucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors and some protease inhibitors. Because of cross-reactivity, more than 60% of HIV-2 infections are misclassified as HIV-1 by the HIV-1 Western blot. Acute HIV infection, the most infectious phase because high levels of viremia with uniquely infectious virus characterize it, causes symptoms in 60% to 80% of patients but often goes undiagnosed. These observations have prompted development of a new diagnostic algorithm; and because this algorithm replaces the Western blot, it can also be completed in many more clinical laboratories than was previously possible. Validating evidence has been published, and all laboratories that perform HIV testing should adopt the new algorithm.

You will learn to:

Bernard M. Branson, MD


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