CAP ’13 – THE Pathologists’ Meeting – October 13 – 16, 2013™
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CWTB500  Advanced Imaging in Pathology: In Vivo Microscopy and Beyond

Tuesday, October 15
6:30–7:45 AM

In 2013, the Archives of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine set up a special section called Advanced Imaging in Pathology. “Optical biopsies” represent new roles and opportunities in this rapidly evolving field for pathologists. Endoscopic microscopy is a new field where microscopic images are obtained from living patients. This capability opens up possibilities for obtaining histopathologic diagnoses from tissues that are difficult or unsafe to sample, screening entire organs for occult microscopic disease and understanding disease mechanisms in vivo.

This session will describe some of endoscopic microscopy techniques that are clinically available, including optical coherence tomography (OCT), optical coherence microscopy (OCM), and confocal microscopy (CM); and it will discuss how these methods can potentially impact the practice of pathology and patient care. The focus will be on using these advanced imaging pathology tools in clinical cases for GI diseases.

Gregory Y. Lauwers MD, FCAP
Gary Tearney MD, PhD, FCAP





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