CAP ’13 – THE Pathologists’ Meeting – October 13 – 16, 2013™
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Sunday, October 13

IWSB100  Breakfast Workshop – Business Solutions for Profitability

6:30–7:45 am

Vachette is the nation’s leader in pathology/laboratory revenue management. This breakfast seminar will discuss the current marketplace, trends affecting revenue decreases, and solutions to keep your business profitable as you gain revenue and grow your bottom line. Be proactive not reactive. Defend your business. Imagine the results.

Presented by Vachette

IWSB101  Breakfast Workshop – Are You Ready to Implement Digital Pathology in Your Laboratory?

6:30–7:45 am

As a not-for-profit organization comprising pathologists, scientists, technologists, and representatives from industry, the Digital Pathology Association (DPA) is focused on facilitating education and awareness of digital pathology applications in health care and life sciences. The DPA invites you to an information-filled breakfast workshop intended for those who are considering implementing digital pathology in their laboratory. The workshop will feature three pathologists who will share their views on adoption barriers and discuss the applications and uses of digital pathology for pathologists practicing in community hospitals and commercial laboratories. A question and answer session will follow the presentations.

Presented by Vachette

Monday, October 14

IWMB300  Breakfast Workshop – Regulatory Toolkit 2013

6:30–7:45 am

Pathology faces an array of governmental initiatives that have a potentially negatively impact. In this discussion, Rick Cooper, Esq., McDonald Hopkins, LLC, and Linda Liston, CPC, director, McKesson, will focus on current issues such as updates on federal reimbursement initiatives and the impact on 2013 coding changes, pathology group consolidations and integration, and revenue optimization strategies.

Presented by McKesson

IWMB301  Breakfast Workshop – Novel Antibody Cocktails for Use in Differentiating Primary Lung Cancers

6:30–7:45 am

In lung cancer, small sample size and the conservation of tissue necessitate the use of marker panels on a single slide. Desmoglein 3 + Cytokeratin 5 + Napsin A and p40 + TTF-1 antibody cocktails present excellent tools for differentiation of primary lung adenocarcinomas from squamous cell carcinoma, as well as small cell carcinomas and ACAs from all other sites.

Jaishree Jagirdar, MD, Professor and Director of Anatomical Pathology, UT Health Science Center at San Antonio, Pathology, San Antonio, TX

Presented by Biocare Medical

IWMB302  Breakfast Workshop – Understanding How New Biomarkers Will Assist in the Diagnosis and Prognosis of Prostate Cancer

6:30–7:45 am

Experts in the field of urology will discuss the role of new molecular biomarkers in the diagnosis and staging of prostate cancer. The program is intended to improve the understanding of how molecular tests will aid in the detection and treatment of prostate cancer.

E. David Crawford, MD
Neal D. Shore, MD, FACS

Presented by MDX Health

IWMD400  Dinner Workshop – New Approaches to Aid Cancer Diagnosis

6:15 pm

Key hematopathologists from Clarient will discuss new technology and integration of these approaches into the clinical lab. One of these innovations is MultiOmyx, a Clarient-developed methodology that evaluates multiplexed markers in context on a single tissue section. The platform can image information hidden deep in cancerous cells. Such pioneering solutions help uncover previously invisible details that may lead to patient-specific therapies. Single slide. Smaller samples. Bigger insights. Another such technology builds on Clarient’s robust tech-only services by offering the pathologist the ability to now interpret hematopathology samples remotely using FISH technology via Clarient’s online portal PATHSiTE. Come hear its experts discuss the development and implementation of this new service offering that, in conjunction with NCCN-recommended hematologic testing, has been designed to enable more rapid informed treatment decisions.

Presented by Clarient

IWMD401  Dinner Workshop – Profiling FFPE Samples with Next-Generation Sequencing, aCGH and FISH

6:15 pm

Deep Clonal Profiling of Formalin-Fixed, Paraffin-Embedded Clinical Samples
Michael T. Barrett, Ph.D.
Clinical Translational Research Division

Formalin-Fixed, Paraffin-Embedded (FFPE) tissues are a vast resource of annotated clinical tumor samples. However, their use in clinical research is limited by the variable quality of DNA extracted and admixtures of non-tumor and polyclonal neoplastic cell populations. To exploit archived FFPE tumor tissues, we developed DNA content based flow cytometry assays to sort the nuclei of clonal populations of neoplastic cells. Our methods yield highly purified (>95%) samples for analysis and provide templates suitable for aCGH and next generation sequencing (NGS) from a variety of FFPE tissues. These methods may be applied to advance research to enable more effective personalized medicine for cancer.

What’s New in HER2-Testing? Recommendations for HER2-Testing in Breast Cancer: ASCO/CAP Clinical Practice Guideline Update (2013)
David G. Hicks MD
Professor of Pathology and Lab Medicine
Director of the Surgical Pathology Unit
University of Rochester Medical Center
Rochester New York

Dr. David Hicks will provide an overview of the newly published ASCO/CAP guidelines and discuss implementation for breast cancer analysis. He will cover information about the new HER2 IQFISH pharmDx™ assay for breast and gastric HER2 testing.

Presented by Agilent





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