CAP ’13 – THE Pathologists’ Meeting – October 13 – 16, 2013™
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IWMD400  New Approaches to Aid Cancer Diagnosis

Monday, October 14
6:15 PM

Key hematopathologists from Clarient will discuss new technology and integration of these approaches into the clinical lab. One of these innovations is MultiOmyx, a Clarient-developed methodology that evaluates multiplexed markers in context on a single tissue section. The platform can image information hidden deep in cancerous cells. Such pioneering solutions help uncover previously invisible details that may lead to patient-specific therapies. Single slide. Smaller samples. Bigger insights. Another such technology builds on Clarient’s robust tech-only services by offering the pathologist the ability to now interpret hematopathology samples remotely using FISH technology via Clarient’s online portal PATHSiTE. Come hear its experts discuss the development and implementation of this new service offering that, in conjunction with NCCN-recommended hematologic testing, has been designed to enable more rapid informed treatment decisions.

Presented by Clarient





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