CAP ’13 – THE Pathologists’ Meeting – October 13 – 16, 2013™
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6:30–7:45 am

IWMB300  Breakfast Workshop – Regulatory Toolkit 2013
Presented by McKesson

IWMB301  Breakfast Workshop – Novel Antibody Cocktails for Use in Differentiating Primary Lung Cancers
Presented by Biocare Medical

IWMB302  Breakfast Workshop – NUnderstanding How New Biomarkers Will Assist in the Diagnosis and Prognosis of Prostate Cancer
Presented by MDxHealth

8:00–10:00 am

AP109  Molecular Testing Guidelines for Selection of Lung Cancer Patients for EGFR and ALK Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitors
Marc Ladanyi, MD, FCAP
Neal I. Lindeman, MD, FCAP

CP104  Cardiac Biomarkers of Myocardial Infarction and Acute Heart Failure: Quid Novi  NEW
Robert H. Christenson, PhD, D(ABCC)
Christopher R. deFilippi, MD

ST104  Block and Slide Tracking in Anatomic Pathology as an Essential Element of a Quality and Safety Program
Walter H. Henricks, MD, FCAP
Liron Pantanowitz, MD, FCAP
John H. Sinard, MD, PhD, FCAP

ST105  Biospecimens and Biorepositories for the Community Pathologist  NEW
Rajesh C. Dash, MD, FCAP
James A. Robb, MD, FCAP
Paul N. Valenstein, MD, FCAP

8:00–11:30 am

AP110  Narrowing the Differential Diagnoses of Bone Lesions Seen in Everyday Practice
Michael J. Klein, MD, FCAP
Gene P. Siegal, MD, PhD, FCAP

AP111  Inflammatory Disorders of the Gastrointestinal Tract: Similarities and Differences Between Adult and Pediatric Disease  NEW
Jeffrey D. Goldsmith, MD, FCAP
Robert M. Najarian, MD, FCAP

AP112  Molecular Hematopathology in the Era of Personalized Medicine
Nathanael G. Bailey, MD, FCAP
Kojo S.J. Elenitoba-Johnson, MD
Megan S. Lim, MD, PhD

AP113  The Role of Immunohistochemistry in the Evaluation of Skin Tumors
Jose A. Plaza, MD
Victor G. Prieto, MD, PhD, FCAP

PM103  The Pathologist at the Helm: Data-Driven Decision Support With the Numbers and the Inner Compass
Lewis A. Hassell, MD, FCAP
Michael L. Talbert, MD, FCAP
Ronald L. Weiss, MD, MBA, FCAP

ST106  Create Your Own Pathology Wiki Website  NEW
Jerad M. Gardner, MD, FCAP
Michael P. Sedrak, MD, FCAP

10:30–11:30 am

CP105  HIV Diagnosis: New Tests, New Algorithms   NEW
Bernard M. Branson, MD

PM104  Extreme Makeover: Creating Pathology Reports That Make a Difference  NEW
Eric F. Glassy, MD, FCAP

Round Table Discussions—Lunch Included

Noon–1:00 pm

Join the experts for lunch! Exchange information and share solutions in a relaxed setting with your peers.

You will learn to improve your ability to identify solutions to common problems through interactive sessions with colleagues.

RT102  Validation of Whole Slide Imaging Systems for Diagnostic Purposes in Pathology—What’s Needed?  NEW
Liron Pantanowitz, MD, FCAP

RT104  Next-Generation Sequencing: Activities at the CAP and Beyond
Nazneen Aziz, PhD

RT110  Ensuring Appropriate Referral Testing  NEW
John R. Harbour, MD, FCAP

2:00–4:00 pm

AP114  HER2 Testing in Gastric and Gastroesophageal Junction Cancers: A New Therapeutic Target and Diagnostic Challenge  NEW
David G. Hicks, MD, FCAP
Christa L. Whitney-Miller, MD

AP115  Challenges and Pitfalls in Thyroid Cytopathology
Zubair W. Baloch, MD, PhD, FCAP
William C. Faquin, MD, PhD, FCAP

AP116  Practical Approach to the Diagnosis of Soft Tissue Tumors: From Morphology to Molecular Pathology
Eduardo V. Zambrano, MD, FCAP

AP117  ASCO/CAP HER2 Guideline Revision: What’s New?  NEW
M. Elizabeth H. Hammond, MD, FCAP

CP106  Case Based Stool and Blood Parasitology  NEW
Bobbi S. Pritt, MD, MSc, FCAP
Julie A. Ribes, MD, PhD, FCAP

CP107  Assessing Monoclonal Gammopathies: Do You Know What Tests to Order and How to Interpret Them?
Stanley J. Geyer, MD, FCAP
Eric D. Hsi, MD, FCAP

CP109  Practical Approach to Peripheral Blood Smear Evaluation  NEW
Anne Deucher, MD, PhD
Joan E. Etzell, MD, FCAP
Tracey I. George, MD, FCAP

PM105  Essentials of CPT Coding: Cytopathology, Surgical Pathology, and Molecular Pathology
Susan E. Spires, MD, FCAP
Mark S. Synovec, MD, FCAP

VM103  Practical Tips for Diagnosing Difficult Melanocytic Lesions: What We Know, What We Don’t Know, and What to Do Next
Maxwell A. Fung, MD, FCAP

6:15 pm

IWMD400  Dinner Workshop – New Approaches to Aid Cancer Diagnosis
Presented by Clarient

IWMD401  Dinner Workshop – Profiling FFPE Samples with Next-Generation Sequencing, aCGH and FISH
Presented by Agilent





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